What are access keys?

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that speed up your workflow by quickly skipping to a commonly accessed webpage. They are often used both by people with visual disabilities and those who navigate the web via their keyboard.

Access Key Assignments

  • alt + s Skip navigation
  • alt + 1 Home
  • alt + 2 Main tree page
  • alt + 3 Search
  • alt + 4 DNA
  • alt + 5 Resources
  • alt + 6 Shop
  • alt + 7 Quick Lookup
  • alt + 8 Messages
  • alt + 9 Hints
  • alt + 0 Account

Important: The access key trigger is often the "alt" key, but this varies by operating system and web browser.

What is my access key trigger?

Here are some common access keys for various operating systems and browsers:

Browser Windows Mac
Google Chrome alt control + option
Mozilla Firefox shift + alt control + option
Opera1 alt control + option
Safari alt control + option
Internet Explorer2 alt N/A
  • 1Note: Opera requires you to first enter "Access Key Mode" by pressing "shift + esc", then the access key combination.
  • 2Note: Internet Explorer simply highlights the link. You must then press "Enter" to navigate to the selected link.