Jason Boyer

I make clean, accessible websites for small to medium sized companies looking to build (or rebuild) their web presence.

My Favorite Past Projects

I love what I do. Seriously, it is so much fun to build and launch a website. Each project has unique challenges where I learn and grow. Others are just fun to see how fast I can get them done without any non-semantic markup. Below are some of my favorite sites that helped me grow the most. This is nowhere near a full list of the sites I’ve built/worked on; it is just a compilation of my favs.

Exceptional Accounting Services

Design & Front-end Programming

Exceptional Accounting Servicees provides quality bookkeeping, payroll, and QuickBooks training to businesses and individuals alike all across the state of Utah.

This was a fun project that offered some unique opportunities. I took a very minimalistic approach to achieve a professional, yet personal feel.

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Tree Street Grains

Design, Wordpress Template, Online Store

Tree Street Grains is a great “ma & pa” store with the best-tasting and healthiest pancakes you will ever experience.

In addition to a normal Wordpress template, I set up an online store where the owner could manage his products, offer coupons, change content, and track sales all from his Wordpress dashboard. The design had to capture the uniqueness of the product as well as give off an overall healthy impression.

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Design, Wordpress Template

VillageEastCleaners is high-end wedding gown restoration & preservation shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With 20+ pages (with constant additions), the design had to be reusable and expandable so the owner could easily add pages while maintaining their unique, clean styles.

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Therapy Rewind

Site Mapping, Front & Back End Programming

Therapy Rewind is a fantastic tool created to enhance traditional therapy. It allows therapists to give clients online homework assignments, monitor goals, provide session-by-session notes, record audio reminders, and much more.

I built this MVC based system from the ground up. I lead discussions on the product planning, wireframed possible site flows, organized the backend code, handled all of the frontend integration, and then tested tested tested. This has been the most challenging and rewarding projects I ever took on.

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RCM Investments

Design, Wordpress Theming, Front and Back End Programming

RCM Investments is an investment advisory firm providing wealth management services. They specialize in highly-customized investment portfolios.

Less is more. I love taking the complex and breaking it down into a simple, clean experience. This site is a good example of how I can help companies organize their boat-loads of information into a structure that is easy for anyone to understand.

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Litton Design & Photography

Design, Programming, CMS

Litton Design & Photography was located in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. The site was built as a showcase for Brock Litton’s photography and graphic designs.

I did both the front and back-end development for this site, including a simple CMS interface built with PHP & XML where Brock could securely upload, label, and delete his photographs and designs.

Dr. Kevin Skinner, PHD LMFT

Design, Wordpress Template, Online Store

Dr. Kevin B. Skinner is the author of Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery. His site offers realistic, practical advice and resources to help others overcome pornography addiction.

Once again, I built this site in Wordpress for Dr. Skinner needed a blog where he could regularly posts answers to user questions. The design was kept simple, yet flexible enough to take into account the many variations user-driven data can contain.

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Alpine Heights Dentistry

Design, Front-end Programming, & SEO

Alpine Heights Dentistry is a great little dentist office near Boise Idaho.

I set this site up as a Wordpress template so that the owner could make his own content updates. It was a fun project where I was able to work closely with the owner to get exactly what he wanted.

Who I am Today

I like to build Websites

That’s the main purpose of this site. This page offers a little insight into my life—when and where I learned stuff, as well as my major areas of work experience. You might also be looking for one of these things:

My Tool Box

Top Notch Skills

  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Agile
  • PHP
  • Site Planning
  • Wordpress

Improving Daily

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Design
  • Adobe CS5.5
  • Ajax / JSON
  • SEO
  • SVN / Git
  • OOP

Dabbled With

  • Drupal
  • XML
  • Apache Setup
  • cPanel
  • ActionScript
  • Python
  • Video Editing

I’ve also...

  • ...played with responsive web design & media queries! This message only shows up on small screens... aka mobile devices!

August 2011 - Today

Web Developer & Scrummaster

Self Health Network - Salt Lake City, UT

  • Revamped company development process to include local, testing, staging, and live environments
  • Was a constant driving force for implementing Agile-based changes such as daily scrum meetings, weekly roadmaps, incremental improvements, and pair programming
  • Handled all frontend requirements including converting PSDs into cross-browser compatible, interactive websites

July 2008 - Today

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

www.JasonBuckBoyer.com - Utah, Idaho, Nevada & Wyoming

  • Designed and programmed dozens of sites for small to medium sized companies creating custom Wordpress themes as well as hand-coded PHP MVC frameworks
  • Worked one-on-one with clients making their general ideas into a solid product
  • Created wireframes and mockups for sophisticated e-learning and online fitness programs
  • Implemented onsite SEO strategies such as internal link building, keyword-based naming conventions, relevant title tags, 301 redirects, and site map usage

13 August 2010

Graduated Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University - Provo, Utah

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Technology & Engineering Education
  • Attended on Academic Scholarships: GPA 3.93

July 2010 - August 2011

Frontend Web Developer

MyExpertSolution - Provo, Utah

  • Restructured and optimized XHTML and CSS of the company site to follow W3C web standards
  • Assisted in the design of all user interface elements pushing for simplicity and standards
  • Responsible for all frontend development including XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Created multiple animated introductory videos through Adobe Flash and Illustrator
  • Worked daily with a team of backend engineers and designers to meet deadlines and produce results

March 2010 - May 2010

Volunteer Web Design Teaching Assistant

Provo High School - Provo, Utah

  • Developed a 6-week curriculum on XHTML and CSS for a high school web development class
  • Created accompanying written and video tutorials emphasizing standards-based design and accessibility

Spring of 2009 & 2010

Multimedia Teaching Assistant

Brigham Young University - Provo, Utah

  • Created and taught a 2-week unit on Adobe Flash to a college class of 10+ students, requiring them to create educational Flash games
  • Created and taught a 3-week unit on HTML and CSS, requiring students to create standards-compliant online portfolios

If you take the time to contact me about cool ideas...

..I’ll take the time to let you know what I think! I like building things worth building. It’s fun for me, people enjoy the product, and companies can make money.

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CSS-only fluid grid with fixed-width gutters


It has been a few days (cough*months*cough) since my last post, so I'll make this a good one. I have seen lots of sites use CSS grid systems that are simply overkill for the majority of them. I've never been a fan of grids because a lot of them simply weren't responsive-friendly.

Then the mighty Chris Coyier (one of my favorite CSS gurus ever) released a little article called Don't overthink it grids. Which was what got me thinking about this in the first place. His grid was so crazy simple it actually made me start thinking that maybe grids aren't evil after all. There was one flaw in that simple grid system though that prevented me from using it:

If you don't add padding to the container, then the columns are NOT equal width!

The reason being is that all of the columns are a fixed percentage width minus the width of the gutter, but the last item doesn't have a gutter. Thus, it is longer than the others - As shown here

So away I went researching (googling) and trying a whole bunch of ideas. I came onto one answer on Stack Overflow that looked very promising (being the accepted answer with a whole bunch of up-votes), but then the very last little “gotcha” - it doesn't work in Safari! So much for that one. Now I'm throwing one out to the world for criticism with the hope that maybe it'll help others! So please, try it out and let me know what you think!

See Demo

Rotating Content

28-March-2012 7:17pm

It seems like every project I take on always has some sort of rotating content. A lot of the time it’s the main banner on the home page. Other times it is a sidebar section of ads. At first I used other people’s jquery plugins. Then I tried some raw javascript with the “setTimeout” function. It seemed like every time I had some banners to do, they had different requirements. Some had pagination controls, others didn’t. Some had forward & back buttons, others didn’t. I got tired of evaluating different plugins every time a new project came on.

So I finally wrote my own javascript class to handle any type of rotating content. Click here to see.

There are still some improvements I would like to add (like different types of slide transitions), but so far the options it handles are:

  • Pass in the parent id and all children elements become slides
  • The delay between each slides
  • Whether or not so show the previous or next controls
  • Whether or not to show the pagination controls
  • Whether or not the slides should auto advance on a timer

Anywho, I’m still figuring out the CMS on which I’m going to build this blog. For now I still update it manually, which isn’t a big deal since I can write HTML as quick as I can type normal words! :)

Pixel Perfect

26-March-2012 11:19pm

“Pixel Perfect” is a fairly common buzz word in my line of work. Some designs are definitely more flexible than others, but the concept is to make a web page look exactly the same as the design (normally a PSD file). In fact, one job I applied to had me first complete a “Pixel Perfect Test” to see how well I could do. Here were the requirements:

  • Pixel-perfect quality level (Mac and Windows).
  • All text to be real text.
  • Sprite images where possible.
  • No inline styles unless absolutely necessary.
  • All containers must be vertically expandable.
  • Modal must be able to open from orange button on right side, and close from right hand top “X”.
  • Cross browser compatibility (ie7+, FireFox 3+, Safari 4+, Opera 9+, Chrome)
  • Download the PSD here

This is actually a smart way to filter out potential candidates. Firstly, since it would take a couple hours to code the PSD, only those who were really interested in the job would complete the task. Secondly, it is a good measuring tool to analyze a candidate’s skill sets.

You’ll notice the simple fade effect for the modal. The other important piece is that all of the images on that page are contained in a single CSS sprite. The only exception to this is for small gradient images that are only used in older versions of Internet Explorer. I still go back and forth between IE’s proprietary filters vs fallback repeatable images...

My coding can be seen here.

Zooming in & out with CSS3

12-March-2012 7:17pm

CSS3 is awesome. The psuedo-selector “:target” allows you to handle simple style changes by changing the hash tag in the URL.

Here’s an example of how to zoom an image in and out just with CSS3.

Once again, I realize this isn’t very specific; this is just a blog to help me remember some of the cool things I’ve seen or learned. Works better than bookmarks, since a lot of sites I link to eventually go down.

A Simple CSS3 Apple

10-March-2012 9:23pm

So here I am, writing my second blog entry. If you’re reading this now, you’re probably either a friend (or maybe even a potential employer...) and the only thing I have to offer you in thanks for visiting my site today, is an invitation to click on this special apple:

An apple made just out of CSS3

Seriously, click on it! This was an absolutely unnecessary little project where I recreated one of the original Apple® logos just out of CSS3. No images at all. Check out the page source!

I’ll definitely write up at least a few more actual useful entries soon.

Welcome to My Blog for Myself

9-March-2012 11:23pm

I made this blog basically just so I have a place to record new tricks I learn. I don’t really know how much time I'll actually put into it. I just know that there have been several occasions where I thought to myself Man, I really wish I had a blog so I could write this down.

Whoa, what you looking for?

I don't have the search form ready yet! So for now,
go to one of the two most important pages: